DD pheoniX Cleaning Powder Bottle 200gr



Produktnr.  DDZ010
Produktnr. DDZ010

Furnace purity in perfection! The new reviving cleaning powder DD phoenix - for perfect sintering results. Discoloration and contamination of the sintering objects are not uncommon and often lead to un- desirable results in the daily laboratory routine. Concealed behind it, damaged heating elements cause diffusion of molybdenum from the heating elements into the chamber. Prevent discoloration and experience the benefits of DD phoeniX:

• no greenish discoloration of sintering objects caused by molybdenum
• removal of color liquid deposits in firing chamber
• ensures reliable and pure sintering results

The new reviving cleaning powder DD phoeniX takes these impurities from the furnace atmosphe- re, absorbs them and cleans the furnace constantly. The regular use of DD phoeniX provides pure, color-consistent sintering results, prevents recurring deposits in the firing chamber and extends the working life of the heating elements. We recommend using the DD phoeniX sintering tray due to the sintering activity of the cleaning powder

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